Primary Election Results
Maricopa County:
AZ Statewide:
Democrats Agenda for AZ if they can take charge:
The Democrats’ Agenda through the federal government & the tool to fight back:

Election 2022 (Official Election Day is 11/8/22)
Propositions, Federal, State, County/CAP Water Board, City Councils, School Board Overrides, School Boards, Judges
YES Prop 128
Voter Protection Act
YES Prop 129
Voter Transparency
NO   Prop 130
Property Tax (The private sector should be kept economically healthy, and diplomacy from a position of economic & military strength should be molding our world with less military conflict, aka Republican policies, so there are fewer in need and so the private sector can support those in need while maintaining currency value stability as opposed to another inefficient government program which increasingly damage the value of our currency.) 
YES Prop 131
Protect Your Vote; Support Lt. Governor
YES Prop 132
Protect Arizona Taxpayers
NO   Prop 209
Higher Prices for Arizonans
NO   Prop 211
Doxxing & Political Discrimination
NO   Prop 308
Tuition Amnesty for Illegals
YES Prop 309
Universal Voter ID
NO   Prop 310
Sales Tax Increase

(Updated after primary results)
U.S. Senate Blake Masters
Congressional District 1 David Schweikert
Congressional District 2 Eli Crane
Congressional District 3 Jeff Zink
Congressional District 4 Kelly Cooper
Congressional District 5 Andy Biggs
Congressional District 6 Juan Ciscomani
Congressional District 7 Luis Pozzolo
Congressional District 8 Debbie Lesko
Congressional District 9 Paul Gosar

STATE (Updated after primary results)
Governor Kari Lake
Secretary of State Mark Finchem
Attorney General Abraham “Abe” Hamadeh
State Treasurer Kimberly Yee
Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne
State Mine Inspector Paul Marsh
Arizona Corp. Commission Nick Myers & Kevin Thompson

STATE (Updated after primary results)
LD1 Senate Ken Bennett
LD1 House Quang Nguyen & Selina Bliss
LD2 Senate Steve Kaiser
LD2 House Justin Wilmeth & Christian Lamar
LD3 Senate John Kavanagh
LD3 House Joseph Chaplik & Alexander Kolodin
LD4 Senate Nancy Barto
LD4 House Maria Syms & Matt Gress
LD5 Senate Jeff Silvey
LD5 House Jenn Treadwell
LD7 Senate Wendy Rogers
LD7 House David Cook & David Marshall
LD8 Senate Roxana Holzapfel
LD8 House Caden Darrow & Bill Loughrie
LD9 Senate Rob Scantlebury
LD9 House Kathy Pearce & Mary Ann Mendoza
LD10 Senate David Farnsworth
LD10 House Justin Heap & Barbara Parker
LD11 Senate Maryn Brannies
LD11 House Tatiana Peña
LD12 Senate David Richardson
LD12 House Terry Roe & Jim Chaston
LD13 Senate JD Mesnard
LD13 House Liz Harris & Julie Willoughby
LD14 Senate Warren Peterson
LD14 House Travis Grantham & Laurin Hendrix
LD15 Senate Jake Hoffman
LD15 House Jacqueline Parker & Neal Carter
LD16 Senate Thomas “T.J.” Shope
LD16 House Teresa Martinez & Rob Hudelson
LD17 Senate Justine Wadsack
LD17 House Rachel Jones & Cory McGarr
LD18 Senate Stan Caine
LD18 House Linda Evans
LD19 Senate David Gowan
LD19 House Lupe Diaz & Gail Griffin
LD20 House No Republican Candidates to choose from
LD21 Senate Jim Cleveland? Dan Dellinges?
LD21 House Deborah McEwen (Write in)
LD22 House No Republican Candidates to choose from
LD23 Senate Gary Snyder
LD23 House Michelle Pena
LD24 House No Republican Candidates to choose from
LD25 Senate Sine Kerr
LD25 House Tim Dunn & Michael Carbone
LD26 Senate No Republican Candidate to choose from
LD26 House No Republican Candidates to choose from
LD27 Senate Anthony Kern
LD27 House Kevin Payne & Ben Toma
LD28 Senate Frank Carroll
LD28 House Beverly Pingerelli & David Livingston
LD29 Senate Janae Shamp
LD29 House Austin Smith & Steve Montenegro
LD30 Senate Sonny Borrelli
LD30 House Leo Biasiucci & John Gillette

COUNTY (Updated after primary results)
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors District 2 Thomas Galvin
Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell
CAP Water Board Jason Lundgren, Amanda Monize, Donovan Neese, Barbara Seago & Shelby Duplessis

Gilbert Town Council Jim Torgeson, Bobby Buchli, & Mario Chicas
Paradise Valley Town Council Ellen Andeen & Christine LaBelle
Peoria City Council Brad Shafer
Phoenix City Council Sam Stone, Jim Waring & Denise Viner
Scottsdale City Council Barry Graham (Graham has been more involved w Scottsdale City Council over the years) or Pamela Carter
Lake Havasu City Council David Diaz, Morgan Braden, & Mark Curry

Cave Creek School District Override
Paradise Valley Unified School District Override
NO Scottsdale Unified School District Override

SCHOOL BOARDS (We consulted with multiple grassroots groups and multiple grassroots leaders when putting this list together. There was a lot of agreement and a few differences. We did our best to combine the input to provide guidance.)
Amphitheater District Jeff Utsch & Mona Gibson
Catalina Foothills District Bart Pemberton, William Morgan & Grace Jasin
Cave Creek School District Jackie Ulmer (Great candidate) & Scott Brown
Chandler Unified School District; 2 seats up for election Kurt Rohrs & Charlotte Golla
Deer Valley Unified School District; 2 seats up for election Tony Bouie & Paul Carver
Dysart Unified School District; 2 seats up for election Jennifer Drake & Dawn Densmore
EVIT Shelli Boggs, Cien Luke & Amber McAffee
Fountain Hills Unified School District; Libby Settle & Madicyn Reid
Gilbert Unified School District 4 year seat Chad Thompson
Higley Unified School District Roy Morales (Great candidate) Anna Van Hoek
Marana School District Tom Carlson & Mikail Roberts
Mesa Unified School District; 2 seats up for election Rachel Walden (Rachel is amazing! 100%!) & Ed Steele
Paradise Valley Unified School District; 2-4 year seats up for election and 1-2 year seat Eddy Jackson & Sandra Montes-Christensen, Lisa Farr
Peoria Unified School District; 2 seats up for election Heather Rooks & Devin Updegraff-Day
Queen Creek Unified School District, Jim Richardson & James Knox
Sahuarita District Raul Rodriguez
Scottsdale Unified School District; 2 seats up for election Amy Carney & Carine Werner
Tanque Verde District Thomas Trask & John Lee
Tucson District Val Romero
Vail Unified School District Anastasia Tsatsakis & Leroy Smith

Judges reviewed for Judicial Performance Review & Constitutionalist views
AZ Supreme Court
YES James Beene (R)
YES William Montgomery (R)
YES Ann Scott Timmer (R)
AZ Court of Appeals – Div 1

YES Cynthia Bailey (R)
YES Michael Brown (D)
YES Kent Cattani (R)
NO David Gass (R)
YES Steven Williams (R)
Maricopa County Superior Court
Clerk of the Superior Court
Jeff Fine
YES Bradley Astrowsky (R)
YES Alison Bachus (R)
YES Michael Blair (R)
YES John Blanchard (R)
YES Mark Brain (R)
YES Robert Brooks (R)
YES Theodore Campagnolo (R)
YES Gregory Como (R)
YES Katherine Cooper (R)
YES Max-Henri Covil (R)
YES Rusty Crandell (R)
YES Janice Crawford (R)
YES Kristin Culbertson (R)
YES David Cunanan (R)
YES Marvin Davis (R)
YES Monica Edelstein (R)
YES Dean Fink (D)
YES Geoffrey Fish (R)
YES Dewain Fox (R)
YES Jennifer Green (R)
YES Michael Herrod (R)
YES Stephen Hopkins (R)
YES Melissa Julian (R)
YES Joseph Kiefer (R)
YES Ronee Korbin Steiner (R)
YES Joseph Kreamer (D)
YES Kerstin LeMaire (R)
YES Daniel Martin (D)
YES Julie Mata (R)
YES Frank Moskowitz (R)
YES Samuel Myers (D)
YES Suzanne Nicholls (R)
YES Susanna Pineda (D)
YES Jay Polk (R)
YES Michael Rassas (R)
YES Joshua Rogers (R)
YES Jeffrey Rueter (R)
NO Jennifer Ryan-Touhill (R)
YES Aryeh Schwartz (R)
YES Joan Sinclair (R)
YES Howard Sukenic (R)
YES Pamela Svoboda (R)
YES Danielle Viola (R)
YES Randall Warner (D)
YES Joseph Welty (D)
YES Tracey Westerhausen (R)
YES Roy Whitehead (R)
YES Cassie Woo (R)

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (These positions cycle every 4 years and are staggered 50/50 so you vote on half on midterms and the other half on Presidential elections)
Agua Fria No Republican Candidate
Craig William Wismer
No Republican Candidate
East Mesa
Fred Arnett
No Republican Candidate
C.J. “Chris” Mueller
Joe B. Getzwiller
No Republican Candidate
Donald Watts
McDowell Mountain
Michele Reagan
North Valley Gerald A. Williams
San Marcos No Republican Candidate
South Mountain No Republican Candidate
University Lakes No Republican Candidate
West McDowell No Republican Candidate
West Mesa No Republican Candidate
White Tank Heidi M. Owens

CONSTABLE (These positions cycle every 4 years and are staggered 50/50 so you vote on half on midterms and the other half on Presidential elections)
Agua Fria No Republican Candidate
Christopher William Sumner
No Republican Candidate
East Mesa
Rustin Pearce
No Republican Candidate
Scott Blake
Daniel Birchfield
Daniel Diaz
Lennie McCloskey
McDowell Mountain
David Lester
North Valley
Mike Rowe
San Marcos
Nathan F. Wallace
South Mountain
No Republican Candidate
University Lakes
No Republican Candidate
West McDowell
No Republican Candidate
West Mesa
Brandon Giles
White Tank Mark Sinclair